Hello Friends, Today we are going to see all documents required for the cast certificate and how you can apply for it.

What is Caste Validity Certificate? 

This certificate is very essential for every student. Students pursuing school education need this certificate for a post-graduation degree. For that everyone must have cast validity and the caste validity certificate is also verified by caste.

So document cast validity is very impossible. Through today’s article, we have brought you the list of documents that you need to obtain a cast validity document.
We hope that the caste validity certificate information. Caste Validity Documents This article can definitely be useful for you to get Caste Validity.

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Caste validity certificate information. Caste Validity Documents

Friends everyone must have heard about the caste validity certificates but it is important to know why this cast is possible and for which breed this document is required.

Caste Validity Certificate Requirement:

For the students of Scheduled Castes, Exempt Castes, Nomadic Tribes, Other Backward Classes, and Special Backward Classes, the caste validity certificate along with the caste certificate is being demanded by various educational institutions for admission to the seats reserved for different educational courses. In order not to deprive the backward class students of admission on that request, they must obtain the Caste Validity Certificate along with obtaining the caste certificate.

Caste Certificate Verification Committees have been established in every district in Maharashtra to obtain Caste Validity CertificateYou can also get your cast validity documents easily by going to the Certificate Verification Committee at your district location.

The committee requires the applicant to verify his caste certificate for availing reservation/ various schemes reserved for backward classes and submit his proposal to the Caste Certificate Verification Committee to obtain such verification certificate/validity certificate from the committee of the concerned district.

Friends now that you know what is required for a caste validity certificate now let’s see the list of documents required to get a caste validity certificate.

List of Documents Required for Obtaining Caste Validity Certificate:

Caste Validity i.e. Caste Validity Certificate is a very necessary document that every Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Caste, Nomadic Tribe, Other Backward Class, and Specially Backward Class students must have.

The list of documents required for issuing a Caste Validity Certificate is as follows-

a) Primary required evidence for the issue of Caste Validity Certificate :

  1. One passport-size photograph (for bona fide)
  2. Allotment of DTE of applicant‘s admission / Inst. Confirmation letter
  3. Applicant’s Primary School Leaving Certificate
  4. Applicant’s birth certificate
  5. Caste proof of the applicant
  6. Applicant’s Father Cousin, Grandmother, Grandfather, Grandfather, Great Great Grandfather, and their Primary School Leaving Certificate.
  7. The applicant’s Father Cousin, Grandmother, Grandfather, Grandfather, Great Great Grandfather, or at least one of the applicant’s birth certificates, if any, should attach a copy.
  8. If the caste validity certificate of blood relatives of the applicant has been verified then a copy of their caste validity certificate must be attached.
  9. Genealogy Affidavit Original Copy (On Bond Paper of Rs. 100 )
  10. Name and Caste Mentioned Village Register Specimen No. Excerpt of 14.

b) Secondary evidence required for issue of Caste Validity Certificate:

Friends if you have primary required proofs to get a caste certificate then you can also add secondary only proofs.

  1. If your father/uncle/mother/grandfather is educated, copy their birth and death register (it is called Village Sample 14 ), and you can easily get this certificate from Tehsildar. If you don’t have this certificate, you can provide any other proof that mentions your caste.
  2. Any other relevant evidence/documents will serve to substantiate the applicant’s claim for a caste certificate. Important note regarding adduction of evidence:
  3. For the Other Backward (OBC) category add proofs prior to 1967.
  4. For which caste add evidence before 1920 and within 1967.
  5. For Scheduled Castes (SC) add evidence prior to 1950.
  6. Pre- 1961 evidence regarding Vimukt Jati Bhatkya Tribes (Ch/NT) should be added.
  7. For Special Backward Category (SBC) add evidence prior to 1995.

In order to avail of the reservation prescribed for education, service and other benefits for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Castes, Nomadic Tribes, Other Backward Classes, and Special Backward Classes, the candidates should obtain the above-required evidence and submit it along with their proposal.

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