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Palolem beach

Palolem Beach is largely unspoiled and inhabited by both local fishermen and foreign tourists who stay along the shore or in the main village itself. It is about a mile (approx. 1.61 km) long and crescent-shaped; The entire beach can be seen from both sides. Both ends of the beach consist of cliffs that jut out into the sea. The depth of the sea increases gradually, being the shallowest at the northern end of the beach, making it safe for the average swimmer and the currents are not strong.

Palolem Beach is surrounded by many tourist spots that are located on and around the beach. Being the most ideal beach in the western state of Goa, it attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. The beach offers a perfect balance of privacy, peace of mind, and nightlife, plenty of rejuvenation.

Palolem beach


Palolem Beach is located at 15°00′36″N 74°01′24″E, 2.5 kilometers from the market town of Chaudi in South Goa and about 40 minutes from Madgaon, the district headquarters of South Goa.

Other nearby beaches in South Goa include Agonda Beach and Patnem Beach.

Palolem beach goa

The most popular beach in South Goa, Palolem is one of the most picturesque beaches in the state. Surrounded by a dense forest of coconut palms, Palolem is popular with family vacationers as well as backpackers and young people. This beach is as perfect for a peaceful holiday as it is for parties.

The best time to visit Palolem Beach is between October to March when the beach shacks are open and the weather is also very pleasant.

The north side of the beach is where we family vacationers enjoy their quiet and relaxing vacation. In the center and south of Palolem Beach, backpackers and the younger crowd can be seen hanging out at beach shacks or enjoying watersports.

Palolem is a beautiful beach and if you happen to be there on a full moon night, it’s a great experience to indulge in a host of activities like water sports, dolphin tours, yoga classes, Ayurvedic massages, and more. 

Things to Do in and around Palolem Beach

1. Dolphin Watching: Boats can be hired from Palolem Beach to enjoy an excellent dolphin watching session. Watching a pod of dolphins or a single dolphin swimming close to your boat is a great experience. 

2. Shopping: Palolem has a strip of shops behind the beach where you can buy souvenirs and bohemian jewelry. and clothes. 

3. Fishing: For Fishing, we can hire a boat to go on a fishing trip from Palolem Beach. A cheap cruise along the backwater canal can be enjoyed at high tide. 

4. Kayaking: is possible along the backwater canals near Palolem Beach. It is a great way to explore the area. 

5. Learn to Cook: Learn to cook North Indian and Goan cuisine at Chef Rahul’s cooking class, behind Cuba Beach Bungalows, on the main road of Palolem.

6. Wellness Treatments: A blend of Ayurvedic massage, reflexology, Reiki, and energy healing can be enjoyed at the Himalayan Therapeutic Studio. It is also possible to learn/practice yoga at Cozy Nook, Anand Yoga Village, Bhakti Cottage, Ruban Yoga and Ayurveda Village, Earth Yoga Village, and Dreamcatcher.

7. Going to Butterfly Beach: During low tide, one can try to go to Butterfly Beach. This is the perfect place to watch the beautiful sunset. Koregaon Wildlife 

8. Sanctuary: A day trip from Palolem can be done to Kotigaon Wildlife Sanctuary, where the rich wildlife of Goa can be seen. 

Palolem beach resort List

  1. Cafe Del Mar
  2. Cocktails & Dreams
  3. Aqua – The disco below the lobby at The Leela
  4. Mobor–Cavelossim
  5. GATSBY’S – Colva
  6. Taj Exotica-Benaulim
  7. Ziggy’s-Colva Beach
  8. Alvoc-Colva Beach
  9. Johnny Cool’s-Colva Beach
  10. Holiday Inn Resort-Goa
  11. Gravity Pool -Inside Radisson White Sands Resort
  12. Euphoria Multicuise Veg Restaurant & Juice
  13. Cocktail Bar

Palolem beach hotels List (hotels near Palolem beach)

  1. Park Hyatt Goa Resort & Spa
  2. InterContinental The Grand Resort
  3. The Kenilworth Beach Resort
  4. Majorda Beach Resort
  5. Ramada Caravela Beach Resort
  6. Holiday Inn Resort
  7. The Leela Palace
  8. Taj Exotica
  9. Radisson White Sand Resort
  10. Dona Sylvia Resort
  11. Haathi Mahal Resorts
  12. Cavelossim, Salcete
  13. Coconut Grove Resort
  14. Nanu Resort
  15. Old Anchor Dalmia Resorts

Nightlife Palolem beach goa

Palolem Beach doesn’t have many options for nightlife except for its unique Silent Noise party in the south. There are also Cafe del Mar and Silver Star – Cocktails and Dreams where you can have a great night. Sometimes, full moon parties are also organized at Palolem Beach. If you want to enjoy dancing, visit Leopard Valley on Palolem-Agonda Road which is the largest outdoor dance club in South Goa.

How to reach Palolem beach in Goa?

Palolem Beach is about 10 minutes from the nearest train station in Canacona. Taxis and auto-rickshaws are easily available from the Canacona railway station to Palolem.

By Air: The nearest way to reach Palolem Beach by flight is Dabolim Airport, which is 67 km away.

By Rail: Madgaon (43 km) and Canacona (2.1 km) are the nearest railway stations to reach Palolem, which is 43 km away.

By Road: If you are by bus or rental car, use NH178 and NH66 Highways as both of them pass through the city of Margao.

Best places to visit in & around Palolem beach?

  1. Sunset at Palolem Beach
  2. Sunset at Agonda
  3. Cabo De Rama
  4. Dudhsagar Waterfall
  5. St. Anne’s Church
  6. Turtle Beach
  7. Monkey Island

1. Sunset at Palolem Beach: The sunset at Palolem beach has its beauty that is mesmerized, everyone. The picturesque view of its scenic beauty simply has no words to express. 

2. Sunset at Agonda: Long walk on Agonda Beach during sunset gives a perfect view from a distance. It gives great relief and relaxation while sitting there and viewing the sunset on the beach. 

3. Cabo De Rama: On the way to Palolem, one can visit Cabo De Rama Fort, the most popular tourist attraction located nearby the beach. It is one of the oldest forts, made during the era of Lord Rama of Ramayana. Many tourists come with their family members or friends, to unfold the history of this fort.

4. Dudhsagar Waterfall: It’s a very enchanting spot that should be visited if you are in Palolem. One who likes to embark on in their life, this might be one of the best spots where you can have lots of fun and enjoy trekking, campfire, and the charming view of the waterfall. 

5. St. Anne’s Church: Located in Agonda, you’ll find this church while entering the Agonda roadway. This place is known for its serenity and architectural beauty. Spending a few minutes at this place gives great relief and peace of mind. 

6. Turtle Beach: This beach is another main attraction of Palolem Beach where the famous Olive Ridley turtles lay their eggs. Locals and foreigners visit here as there are lots of opportunities for fervent bird watchers. 

7. Monkey Island: The Island is one of the main attractions of Palolem Beach. Towering in the background, it’s a beautiful paradise that draws a large number of travelers from all across the globe. Located on the northern side, one can walk through the shallow water at low tide, and during high tide, one should experience a boat ride.


Q. palolem beach hotels?

Ans – Park Hyatt Goa Resort & Spa, InterContinental The Grand Resort, The Kenilworth Beach Resort, Majorda Beach Resort, Ramada Caravela Beach Resort.

Q. palolem beach restaurants?

Ans – Cafe Del Mar, Cocktails & Dreams, Aqua – The disco below the lobby at The Leela, Mobor–Cavelossim, GATSBY’S – Colva.

Q. palolem beach pin code?

Ans – 403702.

Q. is palolem beach safe?

Ans – Yes.

Q. palolem beach distance?

Ans – Palolem Beach is about 10 minutes from the nearest train station in Canacona. Taxis and auto-rickshaws are easily available from the Canacona railway station to Palolem.

Q. Why Palolem beach is famous?

Ans – It’s known for its beautiful crescent – shape which makes it possible to see both ends from the center of the beach. Featured in Matt Damon’s English Movie The Bourne Supremacy; it’s another kind of beach with Green Island, it’s definitely one of the places to be in.

Q. Which beach is best in South Goa?

Polem Beach is one of the best beaches in South Goa that you must add to your itinerary if you are visiting Goa. Polem is a large beach on the coast of South Goa. Its 700-meter-long coastline is the most perfect for any South Goa experience.

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